As some of you may already have heard, we just launched a new project at the interface of digital art, science and technology – the RRREEF_RESILIENCE.


The launch Event yesterday brought together 70 innovators, creatives, scientists, activists, and entrepreneurs to kick this project off.



With RRREEF_RESILIENCE we, rrreefs and the creative studio 697 THz, are creating a global community of impact makers that want to help coral reefs survive! You can now become a part of RRREEF_RESILIENCE to help save coral reefs and with it our global ocean biosphere. 


At the heart of the project is a collection of digital art pieces – beautiful animals of the reef – that come in the form of unique NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Don’t worry, you don’t have to understand NFTs to become a part of this 🙂


This means that you actually own the digital art, and can even trade it on digital marketplaces, kind of like with Magic Cards two decades ago. It’s fun, trust us. Some corals are very rare and have special features! All people owning these NFTs will have the chance for prizes such as your name printed on a reef brick, a visit to our production site, or even a trip to the field with us.



The artists were inspired by the process of nature and the organic growth of a reef in the sea and brought this process into the digital space. For this, 697 THz created a digital reef which . This reef reflects the progress of the project. 


Whilst the Now the reef is still fallow and lifeless, t. The goal is – just like in real life –  to breathe new life into the reef; first corals and in the coming months other marine animals shall find their home in it. 


The first collection of 2500 different corals are for sale starting 28th November. The more digital corals are bought, the faster our digital reef will turn into a colorful coral reef directly on the project website, and the faster we can start using the raised money to build a real reef in Ecuador. We are especially proud that the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt is exhibiting this project for 6 months starting 6th of December. 



Invest into a baby coral NFT to become part of the RRREEF_RESILIENCE. One digital coral will give a new chance for at least 3 real corals to grow in our new project site in Ecuador. The sale starts on Tuesday, 28th November, only for people listed in the Presale List.


So for now, all you have to do is sign up to this list: HERE