Planet Hero series presents: rrreefs

We proudly present ….. tadaaaaa …. a new short documentary about rrreefs.

Remember this prize we won last year Рthe Planet Hero Award? It was granted by Zurich Gruppe Deutschland, and became really important for us. Since then, our relationship with their team and with the jury grew, and we are now working together for a healthy ocean! This year, Zurich sponsored our team to go back to San Andr̩s for our scientific reef monitoring. A talented film crew followed us in Zurich and Colombia, and today, we are beyond excited to share with you the video they made!

And by the way, if you have a project in the realm of sustainability, it is now time to apply for the Planet Hero Award 2022!

Check out the full 9-min film here!


Huge thanks to:
ODALINE Melisa Kalay
big sexy pictures / bsp media Tom Schünemann Timo Bruun Amelie Sieker
TEAM MALIZIA Boris Herrmann