Get your collectible, become an impact maker and be part of RRREEF_RESILIENCE.


RRREEF_RESILIENCE unites people around the quest to save coral reefs – in the digital space and in real life. Coral reefs and the life depending on it are dying.
You can be part of the emergency solution. By collecting the animals of the reef on the RRREEF_RESILIENCE platform, you are actively helping us rebuild coral reefs in real life, giving a second chance for coral resilience against rapid climate change stressors.
Coral reefs need you now, not tomorrow! Get your own baby coral and other reef animals in our sequential drops and watch how they start turning the digital reef into a beautiful living structure. Join our community of impact makers today.
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The first drop of RRREEF_RESILIENCE is all about corals. They are the foundation for all life in and around the reef and form the first line of resilience. These corals start turning the digital reef into a beautiful living structure reflecting the real resurrection of a reef.

All traits are linked to rarities and are randomized over the 2’500 unique tokens in this collection. If you would like to know more about the various traits and their rarities join our discord.


This initiative is a collaboration with the creative studio 697 THz.