Cooper Island, BVI

18.3788° N, 64.5104° W
brick 2.0


In January 2024, an innovative reef project was initiated at Cistern Point, adjacent to the prominent rock formation on the western side of Cooper Island. 

A carefully designed structure, spanning 20m2 and composed of 254 bricks 2.0 and 54 nauplius, has been seamlessly integrated into the natural reef environment.
This reef serves a crucial role in rejuvenating the underwater habitat, providing a sanctuary for marine life. 


The coral reefs in the British Virgin Islands have faced significant challenges, including the aftermath of two devastating hurricanes, Irma and Maria, in 2017. Subsequently, the invasion of the aggressive Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease emerged as the most destructive regional disturbance ever documented in Caribbean reef ecosystems.

Additional setbacks compound the challenges, such as parasitic infections affecting “reef cleaning” long spiny sea urchins (Diadema antillarum) and the persistent presence of Peyssonnelid algal crust (PAC), further compromising the health of the coral reefs in the region. Amidst these adversities, initiatives like the reef project at Cistern Point are vital steps toward fostering resilience and restoring the fragile marine ecosystem.


our local partners

For the implementation and monitoring of our reefs, we work closely with the Association of Reef Keepers (ARK). This partnership allowed an approval received from the Ministry of Environment Natural Resources and Climate Change of the Government of Virgin Islands to build a structure in the waters of the BVI.

Over the next two years, ARK will monitor the structural impact on marine biodiversity, specifically focusing on the recruitment of coral, fish, and other marine life. 

rrreefs is grateful for the unwavering support extended by Beyond the Reef, the Cooper Island Beach Club, Husky Salvage, and Sail Caribbean Divers. These invaluable partners are actively engaged in the project, contributing to its success by raising awareness, facilitating logistics, and collaborating with ARK for the meticulous monitoring efforts.

Le Rosey's reef: sailing conservation education

The prestigious Swiss Institut Le Rosey sponsored this project as part of their mission to synergize education with environmental stewardship. 

As a significant aspect of this initiative, ten students annually have the unique opportunity to embark on a sailing boat, delving into hands-on experiences in marine biology and environmental protection. This immersive educational approach not only contributes to the ongoing conservation efforts but also enriches the students’ understanding of the delicate balance within marine ecosystems.