Islote Sucre, Ecuador

1.4750° S, 80.7842° W

In May 2024, we are going to build a reef next to Isla El Sucre, an island located off the west coast of Ecuador, which is part of the Machalilla National Park.
For the first time, our system will be implemented in the Pacific Ocean, now allowing us to compare its restorative capacities in three Oceans across the globe.

“In Ecuador, approximately 70% of coral areas have been lost in recent decades. Through this partnership, we’re implementing new innovative solutions to facilitate ecosystem recovery and deepen our understanding of coral establishment, which will complement our parallel restoration efforts. Additionally, this project is empowering local fishing communities to participate in marine conservation efforts, which is crucial for the sustainability of such initiatives.”
CONMAR Project Director, Andrea Castillo

our local partners

For the implementation and monitoring of this reef, we are relying on the knowledge and support of CONMAR, an NGO fostering environmental responsibility concerning the natural resources from the coastal-marine areas of Ecuador.
Like us, they have a multi-disciplinary, environmentally conscious team that includes scientists, biologists, engineers, marine photographers, and more.

They are working together with fishermen from the local coastal communities, which plays a vital role in the success of the reef restoration project. Their knowledge of the marine ecosystem combined with our support and education around sustainable fishing practices will ensure the regeneration and continued growth of the reef for many years to come.

the Melitta reef

The biggest reef of the restoration project is in partnership with the German coffee brand Melitta. As part of their mission to engage in sustainable practices, they decided to act for the preservation and promotion of biological diversity. The collaboration between rrreefs and Melitta promotes a shared commitment to ocean health. Ecuador, known for its rich coastal ecosystems, provides an ideal setting for this first initiative.