The Earthshot Price nomination

The interdisciplinary research group Crowther Lab | ETH Zurich has nominated rrreefs for The Earthshot Prize in the category Revive Our Oceans. They say: “Inspired and amazed by their science-based work on regenerating and restoring our planet’s coral reefs, we have nominated rrreefs for the next round of The Earthshot Prize.”


The Earthshot Prize is an independent charity and was founded by Prince William in 2020. It is designed to find and grow the solutions that will repair our planet this decade. The Earthshot Prize has five categories to award the best and most ingenious solutions to repair and regenerate our planet. The winner of each category gets a prize of 1 Million Pounds.


The people behind The Earthshot Prize believe in the power of human ingenuity to prove to us all that the seemingly impossible is possible, and so do we at rrreefs! We are stoked that Crowther Lab | ETH Zurich nominated us for the prestigious The Earthshot Prize! Thank you for choosing us! We couldn’t be more honored.


Now, fingers crossed that we’ll get the price to draw even more attention to our cause, and build more reefs.