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Our mission is to revive 1 % of coastal coral reefs by 2034 - restoring rich marine biodiversity for healthy oceans and people.

the rrreef system

Our award-winning current prototype is a modular system of 3D-printed rrreef bricks, made with pure clay, which already increases fish biodiversity and coral growth at our pilot site in San Andrés, Colombia. Here is how our reef system works.

customized shape

The size and shape of the reef structure is customized to fit local topography and water flow conditions. That is how modularity enables the effective redirection of currents for erosion protection, and the creation of ecological niches with different sizes and flow conditions to promote a high biodiversity.

eco-engineered surface

The surface structure of our bricks is scientifically designed to help coral larvae settle and survive, promoting coral reproduction and growth and ultimately – adaptation new new environmental conditions. Our biodiversity-enhancing design provides a lot of new habitat with very little resources. About 20 corals, 60 fish, 30 crustaceans, 10 large molluscs, and 20’000 tiny reef animals (>0.5 mm) find a home in one cubic meter of our reef.

working with nature

Over time, our system evolves into a self-sufficient coral reef with high biodiversity and strong genetic variability among coral populations, creating a resilient ecosystem. It provides valuable ecosystem services like a natural reef and enhances natural adaptation to climate change.

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the benefits

restored habitat

Each m3 of our reef system creates new habitat for about 20000 reef animals >0.5mm.

increased fish stocks

Our reefs are proven to increase fish abundance and diversity by providing shelter for adult and juvenile fish.

erosion protection

Customized smart reef shapes effectively protect the shoreline from erosion.


We continuously integrate results from scientific experiments to improve our reef system.


Our reefs are award-winning aesthetic structures.

distributed production

We use locally applicable and scalable 3D-printing technology.


Every reef is built in collaboration with local stakeholders.

carbon capture

By creating calm waters for mangroves and seagrass, our reef systems help capture CO2.

zero plastic

All our reef material is 100% plastic free and free of additives.

zero maintenance

Our marine infrastructure is resource-efficient, self-maintaining, and resilient.

our projects

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our core team

Our interdisciplinary all-female leadership team shares the love of the ocean and the determination to help coral reefs survive the next 30 years.

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our values

At rrreefs, we are united by our passion for the ocean, and guided by curiosity and critical thinking. Respect and empathy for nature and all living beings is at the core of everything we do. As a team, we embrace a no-bullshit philosophy, communicating transparently and with honesty.

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latest news

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We are hiring: Coral Reef Scientist and Field Coordinator

7. March 2024

Start: 15.04.2024 or by arrangement Application deadline: 25.03.2024 Employment level: 80-100% Location: Zurich, Switzerland (international applicants welcome) Applications to ulrike@rrreefs.com   rrreefs is looking for an outstanding Coral Reef Scientist and Field Coordinator, responsible for…

our partners

We are incredibly thankful to our global network of partners for their ongoing support.




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