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Teenage corals on our Tiles in the Maldives

16. January 2023

Our rrreefs journey began in 2019 off the coast of Magoodhoo Island in Fafoo Atoll, where we hung our first tiles, underwater, to test the material and surface topography of our bricks. Now three years…

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We launched the RRREEF_RESILIENCE project!

24. November 2022

As some of you may already have heard, we just launched a new project at the interface of digital art, science and technology – the RRREEF_RESILIENCE.   The launch Event yesterday brought together 70 innovators,…

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Baby corals alert !

28. July 2022

rrreefers! Fantastic news! Angela from Corales de Paz did a visual and photographic monitoring of El Castillo two weeks ago, aaaand …. she found the first baby corals growing on our rrreef bricks. What a…

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World Ocean Day 2022

8. June 2022

Today is World Ocean Day. At rrreefs, we of course align our objectives to the UN World Ocean motto: One Ocean, One Climate, One Future – Together. “This year the Conservation Action Focus is: Protect…

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Planet Hero series presents: rrreefs

1. June 2022

We proudly present ….. tadaaaaa …. a new short documentary about rrreefs. Remember this prize we won last year – the Planet Hero Award? It was granted by Zurich Gruppe Deutschland, and became really important…

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Climate conditions, a dreadful report by the IPCC

3. March 2022

We know that coral reefs support more species per unit area than any other marine environment, including about 4,000 species of fish, 800 species of hard corals and hundreds of other species. But this biodiversity…

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Memories of the reef-building workshop

1. December 2021

My memories of the reef-building workshop Living Shorelines: Green Engineering Methods for Coral Reef Rehabilitation in San Andrés, Colombia. Ten fun days packed with interesting lectures, inspiring people from around the world, hands-on scientific dives,…

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SEIF and rrreefs

16. July 2021

SEIF was founded in 2011 with the goal of professionalizing the social entrepreneurship sector and giving impact startups the support they need to grow and scale successfully.   In addition to various services around impact…

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UN World Oceans Day

8. June 2021

Dear Ocean, Today the whole world will be celebrating your enormous importance to us and the living kingdom as a whole. We want to take this opportunity to say thank you for everything you do…

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World Water Day

22. March 2021

Five exciting facts about water, one of our most valuable commodities.   It’s March 22, that means it’s World Water Day! Water rules all our lives significantly. We drink it, we need it in our…

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