Our field operator and designer Mauro is working on a new foundation and anchoring element for the reefs we plan to build in the future.


For his Bachelor thesis at Zurich University of the Arts ZHdK (ZHdK) he designed the new Nauplius blocks. They are modular and compatible with our clay bricks. This invention replaces the platform we had for our first reef, El Castillo. It is more adaptable in production and easier to install underwater.


The Nauplius is made by pouring concrete into a transportable silicone mold. We will adapt the recipe for the concrete mixture for each site and produce the bricks with local material.


Our challenge now: With the Nauplius brick we are building stable reef structures at an incline!
Stay tuned for this Summer, as we will be testing the Nauplius system and our new bricks in the Lake of Thun!